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Patio furniture can be expensive. Fortunately, you can put your woodworking skills to good use and build some great pieces of patio furniture for a lot less than it would cost to buy (and you'll have the benefit of knowing just how well you built it!). more..

Classic Porch Glider by Popular Mechanics
  Weekend project:
Get in the swing of things with a classic porch glider.
  Hosebench from Sunset Magazine

Sunset Magazine

by Peter O. Whiteley

Handsome bench hides a hose
Make it in two days for under $200

A coiled hose is a necessary evil in a garden — you need one, but when it's not in use, who wants to see it?

  Sunset Magazine Bench  
James Carrier
James Carrier

Popular Mechanics

By Neal Barrett
Photograph by Chad Hunt
Illustrations by Thomas Klenck


Step Stool from Popular Mechanics   Wood stoves, lightning rods, bifocals—and the founding of our country—are a few of the things we think of when Benjamin Franklin comes to mind. But somewhere in between flying kites in storms and diplomatic missions to Europe, the great man had a hand in furniture design including an innovative step stool that doubles as a chair.  

Published in the November 2007 issue

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